Southeastern Pennsylvania Nature Magazine
The Spotted Lanternfly Edition

Southeastern Pennsylvania Nature is a quarterly magazine intended to connect the residents of the region with nature through local stories, research, events, and recreational activities. This is a magazine for those who stop to smell the roses, and then wonder where those roses came from, and how they interact in the environment. The goal of this publication is to give people insight into the nature of Southeastern Pennsylvania from a variety of perspectives – personal, scientific, economic, and more. The first edition of SEPA Nature is devoted to a recently arrived pest – the Spotted Lanternfly. A plant-hopper that first made its appearance in Pennsylvania in 2014, the Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive insect that has been gaining rapid attention due to the magnitude of its impact and spread. I planned, wrote, designed, illustrated, photographed and published the magazine on Issuu for a graduate journalism class in Fall 2019. 

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There's a Bug in Our Wine 

A look at the effect the Spotted Lanternfly has had on PA Wineries since its arrival - featuring an interview from SLF expert Heather Leach.

Where on Earth did it Come From?

Background on the spread of the Spotted Lanternfly from China to Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan, and later to the United States.

Deck the Halls Without Fear

An expose of the inaccurate headlines that pop up during the holidays concerning Spotted Lanternfly and Christmas trees. 

Spotted Lanternfly Invasion Timeline

A chronological look at the invasion, establishment, and spread of the insect in North America.

Impact of the Lanternfly on PA Wildlife

The tactics used to combat the invasive insect take a toll on native PA wildlife, as wildlife rehabilitator Michele Wellard can attest.

Spotted Lanternfly Identification Guide

An illustrated guide showing the different life stages of the Spotted Lanternfly, and the times of year that they are commonly encountered.

Homeowner Do's & Don'ts

Advice for homeowners on how to handle

Spotted Lanternfly in and around the home.

Moving Forward

Information on what researchers and

government organizations are doing to 

combat the invasive pest.

Kid's Coloring Book Pages

An outlined Spotted Lanternfly, and Official Bug Squisher badge for children to color, cut out and enjoy.